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Best Friends

How many of you have a best friend? How many of you had a best friend growing up? My best friend now is my wife but I am not meaning one's spouse or significant other. I am talking about that one person growing up that you shared everything with. The one person who you were inseparable from. I grew up with a handful of guys who were very good friends. We played sports together, went fishing together, explored together the nooks and crannies of our small town. To this day we still try to get together at least a couple of times a year to keep our friendships alive and thriving. I did have one particular friend that I was very close to. We spent so much time with each other. We talked about anything and everything. We knew each other's secrets. We got into trouble together. I always knew that he had my back. I don't see him too much these days. Eventually we just grew apart I guess. There was no falling out. I am still always happy when I might run into him and his wife. I think there are many people who have situations like that. What happened? I guess you could say that life happened. We grow up, we move, we lose touch and we grow apart. And then there are instances in which best friends become "best enemies". It makes it easier to hurt someone when you know their deepest secrets. Some "best friends" haven't spoken to each other in years. June 8 was National Best Friends Day. Maybe it is time for us to reconnect with our best friends. Maybe it is time for us to say we are sorry. Maybe it is time to ask for forgiveness. Or maybe it is just time for us to say "I am thinking of you because we were best friends". We have made it easy to reconnect.  Extend an olive branch. Tell your best friend how much their friendship has meant to you. Tell them how they have blessed your life. Reconnect, reconcile, make peace, ask for forgiveness. Who among us doesn't need a best friend in our lives again?

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