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Come Back To Me

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how grateful I am that we have technology that allows us to keep connected with our loved ones in so many ways. As each of us does our part in complying with "stay at home" orders I am acutely aware of the struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy in our lives while trying to not feel so cut off from our friends and loved ones. I am thankful that we have our telephones and our cellphones. We also have things like Facetime and other methods of video chat. Our granddaughter even sent us a short video message where she announced that there was a letter on its way in the mail to me.

The other day I was on a group text message with my wife, my brothers and their wives where we were able to check in with each other and just have that connection with each other. My wife and I call, video chat, or text with each of our children multiple times each day.

In speaking with others, or reading various articles, the one common thing that I am getting is this; in this extremely difficult and trying time that we are each facing, very few of us are too concerned about our possessions. The material things we have, as nice as they are, are not what is really important to us. We are mainly concerned about the loved ones in our lives. We are hoping and praying for their safety and well being.

This has made me keenly aware of the situations most of us have faced, or are facing right now, which is relationships with a loved one, be they a cherished friend, or a family member, that has been fractured and is in need of mending. What better time than right now is there to reach out and make amends?

Our relationships with our families and friends are truly the only thing that matters. I think now, more than ever is a wonderful time to say "I am sorry, please forgive me." Or maybe you just need to say, "The past is the past, it is not important any longer. Come back to me. I forgive you." 

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