I would say that I had a pretty average, but good childhood. I played a lot of baseball, rode my bike and went swimming in the reservoir or in the local canals. One thing that I didn't do though was spend a lot of time with my father. He seemed to always be working, or at some meeting. My father didn't throw a football with me, or play catch with me. My mother was the one who taught me how to ride a bike. My neighbor was the one who taught me how to bait a fishing hook and how to catch a fish. My father rarely ever came to any of my baseball games. I never doubted that he loved me, we just didn't have what I now consider a close father and son relationship. My relationship with him got better as I grew up. He helped me buy my first car. He was able to help me navigate buying my first house. My father has been gone now for about 8 years and I miss him. He was a good man. I am glad that in his last years I was able to see his good heart and I understand that he was working hard to be a good provider for our family while I was growing up. I also realize that some fathers are not good dads. I know of people who have no relationship with their fathers. It isn't easy being a dad, and it takes a lot of effort to be there for your children. Some men just never got it right and made some big mistakes. A fractured relationship with your father can be a hard thing to live with. At what point, for your sake and your own emotional well being do you think it is time to say that you forgive? How exactly would you go about saying that you forgive? And for fathers with strained relationships with their children, how do you ask for forgiveness? To those questions we think we have a perfect answer.  Send an olive branch. At Extendanolivebranch.com you can send an olive branch along with a personalized card in a beautiful handmade wooden box. Extend forgiveness, or ask for forgiveness. Make the first step to reconcile. One of these days it will be too late and the opportunity will be lost forever. It is better for the heart and soul to let go of a grudge and hurt feelings, or years of guilt, than carrying it on your back for years. Make an effort today. Your life will be better because of your reaching out. I promise it.

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