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Kiss and Make Up

August 25th is National Kiss and Make Up Day. It is a day to let go of resentment, anger, grudges, and indignation. This unofficial holiday encourages people to reconcile and make up with anyone they are estranged with-at work, school, or in their family.

Every one of us has conflicts. It is just a fact of life. no matter how agreeable we try to be, disagreements are a part of our relationships with others.

Most of the times, these differences can easily be overcome and set aside and forgotten. Sometimes, however, arguments and misunderstandings can take an ugly turn. We become estranged and isolated from our friends and loved ones.

Kiss and Make Up Day gives us a second chance. To kiss and make up means to forgive someone and be friends again. This day is meant to set aside all differences and let people in our lives know that despite our quarrels and disagreements, they mean a lot to us.

From us at Extend an Olive Branch, we say, "Kiss and Make Up." Our relationships are too precious to cast aside. Literally, we invite everyone to truly extend an olive branch.

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