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Summer is the Time for Weddings

If you are anything like me, your refrigerator, or your family bulletin board is chock full of wedding invitations of happy couples wanting you to share their special wedding day with them. Going to weddings are always pleasant experiences. I enjoy seeing a couple beginning a shared life together. You know they have hopes and dreams and they are so optimistic for what the future holds for them. The brides are always especially radiant. This is the day that she has waited, and prepared for her entire life. The only thing that I am not a particular fan of, is picking a wedding gift for the bride and groom. Modern day wedding registries make picking a gift easier and pretty painless but sometimes it leaves me feeling for just a bit more. A toaster or a waffle iron is always nice, and a modern day convenience, but, after a year or two, will the couple even remember who gave them the toaster? I've always wanted to at least give something that at their tenth wedding anniversary, as they are looking at their wedding album, they will say, "Hey, do you remember that really special, or memorable gift that so and so gave us?" I would propose a solution to this dilemma. Give a wedding gift that is rich with meaning. Give the gift of an olive branch. It seems that more and more couples are looking for ideas and ways of affirming their values and the hope that they have for the future. This day will be such a happy day in the lives of the couple. This day should instill the happiest of memories for years to come. A gift of an olive branch can be a perfect gift for any couple starting a life together. The olive branch is a symbol of peace, hope, fertility, and health. A common blessing for married couples is: "May you always have bread and wine and olive oil in your house."
Their shared life and dreams are now meshed with a symbol of peaceful coexistence in the life they want to build together. A shared life which they imagine will be fruitful, and resilient through difficulties, like the lofty stature of the olive tree, but with the grace and tastefulness of the precious olive, and the blessed olive oil. This will be a gift that the bride and groom will never forget and will revisit for years to come. It is a gift that will accompany the couple throughout their married life as they brave the storms and share the blessing of health and prosperity. A gift that will always have a sacred special meaning.

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