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Your Biggest Regret

I saw an interesting video the other day.  A group had set up a chalkboard in the middle of New York City and had written on the board, "What is your biggest regret?"  There was chalk available for people to write their responses.  As people stopped and wrote their regrets, there were responses that I assumed would be listed such as "not getting my MBA", or "didn't go after my dream job".  One thing became clear though as the board filled up.  The responses had something in common, a word.  The word was "not".  I also noticed something else.  So many of the responses dealt not with jobs, or missed achievements but with relationships.  Not being a better friend, not saying I'm sorry, not apologizing for something I I said or did to someone who meant a great deal to me.  But then the video said, "we gave them an eraser to erase their regrets".  A chance to start over, have a clean slate.  Do the things that you will regret NOT doing.  As I pondered this message, it became clear to me that my biggest regret did indeed involve my relationships with others that I cared deeply about.  Sadly, the opportunity to erase some of those regrets has no passed for me and is lost forever.  Other opportunities are still in front of me.  I can still say "I'm so thankful for what you did for me", "I'm sorry, I wasn't there for you when you needed me", and "I'm so sad that our relationship has become so fractured, please forgive me".  Make a clean slate today.  Don't wait until it is too late.

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