Our Story

Extend an Olive BranchA while back I was watching a TV show. A man and a woman were work colleagues and they had had a falling out with each other and were at odds. The man wanted to reconcile so he attempted to "make peace" with his co-worker. As they were talking with each other he asked, "so did you receive the olive branch I sent? Well, not literally . . ." and I thought, "Why not?"

I had heard the phrase about extending an olive branch numerous times but it was always meant in a figurative manner. Why couldn't one extend an actual olive branch and ask for forgiveness or to make peace? In conversations with my business partner, we discussed the current state of affairs and how divisive the world has become. We were going through a very polarizing election at the time and people were further apart than I had ever seen in my lifetime. So we set out to make a way for people to reconcile, to say I am sorry, to ask for forgiveness, to say they wanted to have their friend or family member back in their lives once again. We wanted to be able to have people actually "Extend an Olive Branch."

As we did some research, we also learned the rich history of the olive tree and the deep symbolism that it represents in the ancient and modern worlds. Olive branches were given as a way to celebrate the victory in ancient Greek games. Olive branches were given to celebrate weddings and births. We wanted to do something meaningful. In a small way we are hoping that we can help people reconcile, ask for forgiveness. and overcome hurt feelings. By extending an olive branch, it is our hope and wish that we can help do our part to heal a very troubled world "One Olive Branch at a Time".