We are so happy that we get to be part of so many people's journeys, and we love to hear from them about their experience of extending an olive branch. Would you like to share your story with us? Click here to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

"I wish I would have thought of this! With all the divisiveness in our country right now, this is a great idea to help mend broken relationships. The majority of us have suffered the effects of an injustice done to us or said or did something to hurt or offend someone else. We have heard of extending an olive branch but it is just a saying. This gives real meaning to the phrase. My experience is very personal and I don't wish to share it, but I will say it has changed two lives. God bless."

— Gloria from St. Louis, MO

"I love this idea and I'm excited to share my experience. I have had a friend since childhood. We did everything together. We were close after we married and our children played together. One day a minor incident between two of our children escalated into raised voices and very hurt feelings. We stopped speaking and avoided each other for years, yet I missed my friend. I wanted to reach out and say I was sorry but was afraid. One day I came across the Extend an Olive Branch website and it made perfect sense to me. I ordered the olive branch in the wooden box and I typed in my personal message to my friend. I had it shipped to my house. When it arrived I was so impressed. The wooden box is beautiful! I took a deep breath and drove over to my friend's house. I rang the doorbell and when she opened the door she just looked at me. I handed her the box and she opened it and read the card. She started to cry and then I started crying. We both said we were so sorry and we hugged. We have really missed each other. It broke the ice and we were able to talk. Now we are back in each other's lives again!"

— Danielle from Jacksonville, FL

"Extending a literal olive branch has given me some much-needed peace and closure. My business partner and I suffered some major setbacks and our business folded. We both blamed each other and we each made accusations and exchanged harsh words. I have stewed about our parting with regret. My business partner is a fine man and the failure of our company was just a product of the economy. I came upon this website and it struck a chord with me. This is how I would reconcile with my former partner. I had the wooden box, olive branch and personal card sent to him and I waited. He called after a few days and we talked. We both apologized. We said we would to lunch. We may, or we may not, I don't know. But we did reconcile and my heart now feels at peace."

— Rich from Arcadia, CA

"What a great and easy way to say let's be friends or family again. In my case, both. I ordered two olive branches, one for a friend and one for a family member. I had fallings out with both of them. I think I can be difficult to get along with at times, but the olive branches were little miracle workers! I have my friend and my family member back and I am so, so happy! My family member has the beautiful wooden box sitting on her mantle above the fireplace. It is a wonderful keepsake box for her and she shows it to every guest in her home. This has been a godsend for me. Olive branches totally rock!"

— Tenisha from Austin, TX